Auteurs : Salem Boubakri et Cyriac Guillaumin


AbstractThe aim of this study is to investigate the dynamics of regional financial integration among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries by pricing the local stock market return based on different risk premia related to the regional stock market and exchange market. Our approach is based on the international capital asset pricing model (ICAPM), which accounts for the degree of financial integration in the pricing of market risk premia. We also construct a regional currency basket, named Khaleeji, in order to obtain a reference currency in this area and to prospect the twin objective: a lesser peg to the US dollar and the emergence of regional monetary cooperation. Our main findings show that GCC stock markets are impacted by both regional and local financial shocks and crises. Analysis of the long-term dynamics highlights that the regional risk premium is not negligible for GCC countries, and better cooperation can enhance regional risk-sharing. The results also indicate that the degree of regional financial integration varies from country to country, leaning toward a partial integration level of GCC countries within their region. The increasing importance of regional risk premia and financial integration could encourage further financial cooperation among GCC countries, ultimately leading to better economic integration.



Regional financial integration, GCC countries, international capital asset pricing model (ICAPM), common currency, Khaleeji

Classification JEL

C32, F31, F36, G11, G15


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