Andrade, L. Rapp, T. Sevilla-Dedieu, C. (2017). Quality of diabetes follow-up care and hospital admissions forthcoming in International Journal of Health Economics and Management (CNRS rank 2).




Diabetes may lead to severe complications. For this reason, disease prevention and improvement of medical follow-up represent major public health issues. The aim of this study was to measure the impact of adherence to French follow-up guidelines on hospitalization of people with diabetes. We used insurance claims data from the years 2010 to 2013 collected for 52,027 people aged over 18, affiliated to a French social security provider and treated for diabetes. We estimated panel data models to explore the association between adherence to guidelines and different measures of hospitalization, controlling for socioeconomic characteristics, diabetes treatment and density of medical supply. The results show that adherence to four guidelines was associated with a significant decrease in hospital admissions, up to approximatively 30% for patients monitored for a complete lipid profile or microalbuminuria during the year. In addition, our analyses confirmed the strong protective effect of income and a significant positive correlation with good supply of hospital care. In conclusion, good adherence to French diabetes guidelines seems to be in line with the prevention of health events, notably complications, that could necessitate hospitalization.

Chronic disease follow-up / Hospital admissions / Panel data




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